Sunday, March 13, 2011

I try not to veer into politics on the C.R.A.B., and living in a house divided, I've learned there is always another view point to any issue, but fookin' Bush!
I'll give you a pass on the the abyss the economy has been dropped in, but moving DST earlier in the year?!
I wasn't really "blogging" or commuting in less than ideal conditions when you were in office, but now I am.
So I really haven't had an opportunity to bitch about it.
DST doesn't save energy; riding a bike to work does.
Since mid to late January, I haven't need a headlight to commute. Now I do.

Saturday Doug and I rode out to meet Alex and his Benidorm crew for a little Northwestern sortie. We were riding a loop, so you'd figure at some point we'd have a tailwind.
Doug's a pretty smart guy, rocket scientist and the likes, but I think he learned a valuable lesson in the theories and practice of aerodynamics.
Theoretically, by riding behind me he should have been having an easier time of it. It's what they call "drafting".
In practice, a little man riding a little bike provides little draft (if any).
When I got home, I walked to grandiose West Hartford center, had a brie and butter sandwich and an Americano at Le Petite France.
Over-priced, yes, but oh so good (and exactly what I was craving).

Finally, my middlest child and I rode some bike trails on Sunday. We planned on riding all the way to Hansel and Gretel's place, but the gate across the Farmington River was closed.
Does this ride count towards the 40?
You bet your sweet Assos!
Was actually a good recovery. Really loosened up the legs.

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