Sunday, March 6, 2011

The wind took the wind out of my sails

I said this too Alex as we were grinding up 219 into the wind. He thought it would be a good blog title, so there it is.
I knew we were in trouble as we were accelerating up Rt 181. I know this isn't a tough grade but why are we going faster up hill?
We first felt the wind as we rounded the reservoir on North Hollow Rd. about half way into our loop; nothing more demoralizing than climbing into the wind.
At least I had the fortitude to choose the Sunday Princess over the Fun Machine to ride. The Fun Machine would have given Alex some full fender protection love, but knowing his love of hills, and how the roads seemed to be drying out (they weren't) I chose gears over fixed just in case he had anything "special" in mind. It would have been doable fixed, but might have elevated it to DEFCON 5.
Our original route was slightly more ambitious (Alex's ride actually was more ambitious), but I was cooked, probably more mentally than physically, and pulled the plug when we got to rt 179 shortening our ride by 3.5 miles.

I was going to take this morning off as it is damp and going to get damper, but if the weatherman is correct, my opportunities might be limited this week, so If I'm going to meet my quota, I'd better saddle up.

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