Thursday, March 24, 2011

Singular Takes on America!!!*

*as long as it within a 60 mile radius of West Hartford

I know you all have been on the edge of your seats waiting for me to finally announce my race schedule for 2011. So here it is in all it's low dough glory!
  1. King of Burlingame TT
  2. Winding Trails FT Classic
  3. Orchard Assault
  4. Winsted Woods
  5. Domnarski Farm
  6. Wrath of the Boneyard
  7. Hodges Village Dam
  8. Norcross Scurry
  9. Rock the Ridge
The defining parameter with all these races is proximity. With the cost of gasoline, the prospect of spending 5 -7 hours driving to race for 2.5 hours tilts the scale towards not so much. Within 60 miles weighs things back in my favor.

Right now my thought is singlespeed, but I've been quite fickle on the single v. multi speed topic. One minute I'm enjoying gears the next I'm stripping them off. If I do stick with the SS we'll see if I race my age group or SS; there's not a lot of elevation to work with my racing radius. But since I'm not racing enough of any one series to contest the overall, I guess I can race whatever I want.

One thing for sure is I'm not pre-registering for Domnarski Farm months in advance this year. Last year I did, broke my thumb and made a $25 donation to the cause!

oh, and by the way, I do realizes Charlestown RI is outside the radius, but it gives me a chance to wear my bitchin' skinsuit if I'm not too fat to fit into it.


Fort James said...

It has taken me a long time to get back on gears and I find the only way to not want to constantly ride a singlespeed is to just leave it at home. I think I am way more efficient on the geared bike. Not as much fun though, and not sure it is any faster overall.

Todd H. said...

If everything goes according to plan, i should see you at most of those races...except for Winding trails, I'll be at a little grass roots race called Sea

You racing a geared bike? That just doesn't sit well with with me...

Mookie said...

Ok, to set the record straight, wouldn't Julien Absalon and Todd Wells be on single speeds if it was in fact faster than geared?*

*This question was not intended to upset the singular minded.

CB2 said...

Mookzilla- They might be faster on geared bikes, but are they having as much fun?

Tariffville Engine Service said...

There are sooo many of them. Well, Good luck on your races.

Fat Chance said...

I think abalson and wells dont race single speed because then they would not have SRAM throwing dollars their way- less stuff to sell.
Anyway, that is my conspiracy theory....

Once I firm up the date for the bottle ride- you must add that to your list as it meets a crucial criteria- it is free.

CB2 said...

That entry fee definitely expands the radius!