Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I really should have rode to work this morning.  It was almost 30*F when I left the house but, I had just replaced the bearings in my front wheel, and put an Ignitor up front (down to 20.5 lbs), and wanted to check that schitz out.

Unfortunately my air compressor had other plans for me.  The return line from the cooler cracked and I had to deal with that.  Took care of another leak too that was a major PITA.  But now I have a flaring tool, so if you need any tubing flared, I'm your man.
I've got flare!
Last year I had one.  I planned my schedule to build to races I was targeting.  My first key target was Winsted Woods, and it seemed chasing fast guys on flat courses was paying of now that we were getting into races with some elevation gain.
Then I broke my...well we don't have to go there.
This year?
Who knows what I'm doing.  The races that meet my low dough criteria don't really feature the climbing that suits me, and after much flip flopping and deliberating, right now I'm leaning towards racing my age group rather than the SS open class.
I'd probably fare better racing the SS class, but the age group pushes me harder.  There are plenty of fast guys racing SS, but there isn't the depth to the field as the age group.

Might not be the wisest strategy...

Mr. Lonely waiting by the door to go for a ride


Mookie said...

How many times a season would you say you swap out tires on your mtb?

CB2 said...

It depends on what you actually mean by "season".
Typically I'll put on heavier more gnar' friendly tires for the Winter. For the racing season I'll try different things out. Last year I started with Ignitor (fr) Crossmark (rr), then went to an Aspen (rr). After I broke my thumb, I put an Ardent 2.4 up front, decided that was too big and went back to an Ignitor.
This year I'm going to give a Karma a shot in the rear and cross my fingers.