Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On the ride in this morning I was passed by a geezer in a Subaru reeking of pot (ganja, mary jane, dope, hooch, the cronic, Indiana hay, lambs bread, loco, muggles, moocah et al), cranking the blues.
On the back of his sensible suburban station wagon he had a "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" bumper sticker.

Then where did Steve come from and why is Adam constantly trying to bone him?

I add another feature to the clutter over there----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

I'm going to keep track of how many dollars I'm saving on gas by commuting. Some of that will be offset by the fact that Mrs. CB2 will probably drive my truck when her car is low on gas, and the increased calories I'm ingesting, but because I'm not figuring in any other wear and tear let's just call it even, M'kay?

It wasn't too cold this morning, low twenties when I left the house, but some days it's just hard to get motivated. When I woke and looked at the clock it said 4:14 AM. Ah, another 45 minutes to snooze I thought. Then I realized both 4s didn't look the same and it was really 5:14 AM.

Now on to the best part of self employment; rebuilding a polyester gel-coat pump...good times.

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SteveS said...

Last year I took the approach of trying to offset miles driving to races with miles saved commuting by bike. It doesn't account for fluctuations in gas price but does cover the whole "wear and tear" thing.