Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The madness of March is off on the right foot, and today was the perfect day for it.
Temps were just below freezing on the way in, and by the time I was headed home, they had dipped down to the upper mid thirties. It's always nice when your morning and afternoon wardrobe needs are the compatible.

But as I rode along I made note of a few things that made me go hmmm.

People don't realize how stinky they are. I first noticed this today at a stop light next to a car with a leaky cooling system. Then I was behind a Prius and smelled cigobutts. I thought it odd the driver was smoking; for some reason Prius and smoking don't seem to go together. Then I noticed she had the windows all the way down, so she was probably in mom's car.

If you and your Bros are partaking in a little dubage, best not call attention to yourself by yelling out the windows at cyclist. A lot of cops ride, and pot reeks. Were we that dumb (rhetorical question, of course we were)?

My last customer made it to the shop just ion time for me to hit a couple of my favorite hills on the way home from work, any later and I would have had to skip Hatter's.

As it was I got to witness a Winter phenomenon. Due to the still low angle of the sun, I saw the sun rise over the Hillstead Museum, and then this evening set over it as well. Yeah, I should have taken pictures, but in the morning I needed to get to work, and in the evening the sun was setting, as in going away, leaving us in darkness. Since it appeared the whole 3' for cyclist rule hasn't really sunk in or maybe they're just pissed I'm riding a bike while they're stuck in their metal coffins...well everyone except the 4 young men who were stoned, they seemed pretty happy, but I felt getting home before complete darkness would be prudent.

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