Monday, March 7, 2011

Are Women Tougher or are Men Smarter?

Before any men answer that, the correct answer is women are tougher and smarter.

Yesterday morning I decided to squeeze in a ride before the rain. Well I was able to squeeze in 20 minutes before the rain, but after that I just had to suck it up. Being in the upper 40's it really wasn't too unpleasant. Gotta love them fenders!

What I did find interesting though, was I passed 9 women jogging, and only 2 men. One of the guys was running with his girlfriend/wife so I don't know if he really counts; probably guilted into running.
There also was one teen-aged male running, but we know kids don't have any good sense when it comes to weather; ever see them standing at the bus stop in 20 degree weather wearing a t-shirt (the young man I saw was running in shorts and a t-shirt)?

The real question though is if I was out riding in the rain, what does that make me?
Dumber and feminine?


dougyfresh said...

I saw quite a few women out running when we rolled into Bethel on Saturday. No men.

the original big ring said...

do you shave your legs? that could mean something.


CB2 said...

@ OBR-
Yes, and they are magnificent!