Monday, March 28, 2011

This just in...

I e.mailed our local weatherman about the bizarre awesomeness of the trail conditions:

As an avid mountain biker I thought I'd have to wait a lot longer this
season before the trails would be suitable for use, yet they are in
exceptionally good condition.  Some of the lower lying areas that are
prone to be wet are still to be avoided, but all the good stuff is firm.
How is this so with all the snow we had?

and with in 5 minutes here's his reply:

Great question Charles.

It turns out (and I talked to some farmers about this) the ground didn't
deeply freeze this winter because of the extensive and long-lasting
blanket of snow. The ground thawed quickly and absorbed all the
moisture. Thus, virtually no mud season! Pretty cool, like this mornings

Bob M.

Thank you Bob Maxon from NBC Connecticut!


Todd H. said...

HUH... go figure...
How are the conditions at the Res.?
I'll let you know how Case is when I head out there later today

TJ said...

Interesting, that also sort of explains why so much water ended up in our basement. I'd call your blog post a silver lining.