Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lord Loves the Workingman

Last Friday I thought it would be cool to ride across a rock outcropping.  It would have been if I hit it squarely and didn't crash onto the rocks parallel to it landing on my left thumb and hand.  Nowhere near what I did to my right thumb but it is still stiff and sore almost a week later.
Today was a "finishing day" at work.  Working solo, typically I'll cast for a couple of days, and then finish what I made on the third.
I loathe finishing.  Finishing is dusty and tedious.  On a finishing day you'll grind all the tops and panels, then you'll wet sand where needed and buff the scratches out of them.
I'm a southpaw when it comes to sanding.  Sanding was excruciating.  Now you might be saying "well why didn't you sand with your right hand"?
Somethings you just aren't ambidextrous with (like digital manipulation).
I was getting bummed out.  My hand if feeling worse and worse, I've got a race on Sunday, and I'm starting to second guess myself.   Maybe I'd need to put the suspension fork back on, and maybe I should bolt the derailleur back on (it is an offroad TT in the flattest state in New England).
Maybe I should skip riding this afternoon?
I ate my lunch.
When I did get back to work I started to notice that I wasn't noticing "it" as much.  Did the vibration of the buffer have some sort of therapeutic effect or maybe because I do the hard stuff first (the stuff with the most sanding), now that I was on the easy stuff, it was easy on me?
Back to plan "A".
When I did get out riding it was better than yesterday.  Some of the descents did remind me very clearly though that I indeed did something stupid less than a week ago.

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Mookie said...

This better be an April Fools.