Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not what I had in mind

Long story short I had to drive in, but I could ride home.
Since I didn't need lights to ride home at 4:30 in the afternoon I decided the Sunday Princess would be a fine bike for the job.
Theoretically it is my fastest bike.
Lightest and stiffest by far.
"They" always say how unforgiving aluminum is, but the Princess has always seemed quite comfortable to me.
Not today.
Maybe I over inflated the tires.
Maybe I've just grown accustomed to the 28s on the Fun Machine.
In any case, the ride home seemed jarring...and slow.
It didn't actually seem slow, it was slow.
One of the slower trips home on record. At the 1 hour mark I hadn't even covered 16 miles. If it wasn't for what is essentially a 4 mile descent to my house, I doubt it would have broke that mark.
When I left the shop I thought I'd ride out to Simsbury, or even Tariffville, but when I got to Rt 10 the wind changed my mind for me.
I turned up Hatter's Rd instead, and even set a new PR, but was way off on the other two climbs of the day.
Speaking of PRs, I set a new one on Buena Vista on Saturday. I didn't have this information before I stripped the gears off of BluSteel. My previous record on that paved hill was also on BluSteel, but set up as a singlespeed.
I was questioning my decision to go back to ss...until the major suckitude of today.

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