Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best laid plans

Last week was a great start to the month. Got in over 11 hours on the bike. I had big plans for this week to keep the momentum rolling.
Then I began rebuilding the gel-coat pump...

Not to get too technical, but I had depressurized it the night before, hell, I didn't even have the air hooked up to it any more. But maybe the problem I was having with it was the air was slipping past the pancake diaphragm (and building up in the system unbeknown to me).

4th bolt.

Jet stream of polyester resin directly into my face and eyes.
Blindly thrashed my way across the shop to the sink and eye wash. You can wipe the resin off your skin with acetone and then wash with soap and water, but all you can do for your eyes is just continue to flush it repeatedly.
Had to call Mrs. CB2 to pick me up. No, I didn't go to the emergency room. Yes I should have.
The drive home seemed to take for ever even though it felt like Kim was driving 100 mph. Sunlight was excruciating.
All I wanted to do was get in the shower and rinse my eye and body non-stop. I was in some "discomfort".
Wednesday I woke with my eye glued shut with whatever was discharged from it. When I finally opened it it gushed tears. When the tears subsided, my vision was still blurry. But it didn't "sting" quite so bad.
Hourly eye washes seemed to help.
Woke this morning again with my eye glued shut. It feels much more normal, vision is improved but still blurry.

Missed out of 3.5 hours on the bike, and I still have to finish rebuilding the pump.

Please forgive any misspelling or punctuation errors.


Fort James said...

Crap. You better take care of your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Damn that is nasty! I hope day 3 sees some major improvements.