Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breakfast Lollipop

Standing in front of the mirror brushing my teeth there was a battle going on within me. I had planned on riding, but now my nose was running like a sieve, and I had the beginnings of a soar throat (maybe Child #2 wasn't faking yesterday?).
I wanted to ride, but it was cold outside, and it's so warm inside, and my skirt might get dirty, and eight million other reasons...
Who knows what this will bring?

I figured I'd best suck it up.

Glad I did.
This is one of the best parts of being self employed. If I don't get in until 8:30 AM I can always make it up on the back side. Nothing "epic", I still did need to go to work, but wheels touched dirt. I'm flabbergasted how good the conditions are. I just hope we aren't thrown into some kind of a polar recession setting things back a couple more weeks.

Nose stopped running while I was riding too.

Must be

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