Thursday, February 24, 2011


I was going to name this post "Goals" but that's kind of lame, so I titled it 40.

I'm not a big goal oriented guy; my main objective is usually just to try and beat Kerry.
But after such a lack luster start to the year, maybe I need a goal or two.

First goal: Ride at least 40 hours in March. Last year I rode almost that much, this year I want to ride more.

Second goal: Improve my performance at King of Burlingame. Last year I was 10/21 in my class, and 21/133 overall. I don't feel I rode my best last year, and the after race ride was evidence of that as I crashed my way through Arcadia.
This year I should be riding a geared (*gasp!*) bike, that through the miracle of modern plastics and silly light, I dare you to ride near rocks tires, will weigh no more than the bike I rode last year. Let see if I can learn how to twiddle the levers and use the gears to my advantage.

In other news EFTA and Root 66 clash and rain on my parade. Glochester Grind and Winsted Woods are on the same day. They both qualify under my new for 2011 "race close to home" parameters ( no driving longer one way than I'm racing), but I can't be in two places at the same time. Winsted is closer with more climbing, Glochester loses.


Might have to break the close to home perimeter to satiate my mtb racing jones.

(just substitute mtb for basketball)


the original big ring said...

you jonesing for a carbon niner?? Fritz got back to you in the comments . . .place in Michigan


CB2 said...

More like jonesing for the scratch to buy a carbon Niner.

Todd H. said...

Good post... I plan on being out there alot this year too... you'll probably passing me quite often...

Mark said...

Another EFTA/Root66 convergence is a new EFTA race in Hamden, called Rock the Ridge at West Rock Ridge SP on 9/11, same day as Wompatuck.

Decisions, decisions!

CB2 said...

Drive 1/2 hour to race or 2.5 hours to race?
Under my new race parameters it's no contest.

dougyfresh said...

don't worry about the fork. i beat the living daylights out of mine and its perfectly fine.

its designed very well.

want to come up to VT 2nd weekend in April to do the Gravel Grinder with me? Nice bike ride in the Stowe area.

TJ said...

I had to re-read this post. So you are going to be "riding" a "geared" bike but will you be racing a geared bike? Cool fork by the way.

CB2 said...

I wouldn't be "riding" a geared bike if I wasn't planning on "racing" a geared bike. Actually, I take that back, I think the gears have come in handy this the snow we've had this Winter.

TJ said...

ok, that's what I figured but was surprised to read that.