Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Important Fooking Stuff

My name.
My parents named me Charles, and up until Charles Emerson Winchester III of M.A.S.H., and the ensuing jokes that followed I was fine with it.
Legend has it I used to correct people who called me Charlie when I was a yoot.
But it sounds so formal.
Am I that formal?
I've tried to make the swap to the less formal Charlie, but Charles has been ingrained so deeply into me that I most commonly refer to myself as such.
I'm in this strange moniker limbo.
Half the people know me as Charlie, the other half as Charles.
Some people just naturally say Charlie, yet others look quite quizzically at me when referenced as such.
Googling my name as Charlie nets 1 million more results (or 2/3 more), than Charles.
I was surprised at theatrical and musical talent linked to than nomen.
So if you call me Charlie, that's cool. Charles works too, and I'm cool with that.

God, I need to ride my bike!


MMcG said...

We should all just call you CB2!

fabian said...

How about Chuck?

CB2 said...
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CB2 said...

The only person who ever called me Chuck was a lot cuter than you and performed "favors".
Don't you wish you could edit comments?
I used the word "preformed" instead of "performed"

Secret Henry's Team said...

This winter is just brutal for trails, but at least we have the roads down here to ride.