Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've read a lot of pros start their day with oatmeal. I've tried it before, and on a cold morning it usually hits the spot, but usually I just stick with cold cereal with milk.
But it's always been the instant kind (other than some hot cereal nightmares from my childhood).
Kim started making Quinny quick-oats; any thing to get calories into that boy.
Since we had them, and they really only take a little longer than instant I gave them a shot.
So much better.
The chewy texture of the grains, having control of what is put in them, the energy the provide, and the colon blow.
I can't wait to actually utilize that energy.
Might have to go all the way and try the non-quick oats.

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Secret Henry's Team said...

Mcann's Steel Cut oats - - not the quick version but the 30 minute version. The very best I have found.
(Fort James- - - new team blog messed my profile up!).