Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lesser of Two Evils:Rude awakening

After a number of apparently ineffectual session on the rollers

I finally made it outside.

There was some ugliness, and speaking of ineffectual, that exactly what my studs were on the ice.

It was slow, painful and short, but it was great to get outside.

Hopefully the next two scheduled storms will be mild an I can get back to a more norm riding regiment.


TJ said...

Damn, Nod Rd. yesterday??? You a brave man Charlie.

CB2 said...

It was early; I think I only got passed by 1 or 2 cars on Nod rd

dougyfresh said...

we missed you in arizona!

good to see you are venturing out in this snow. i hope i can do that this week now that I just got three days of riding in sunny warm weather.