Monday, February 21, 2011

I ride up hills, then ride down

I feel like that guy sometimes, but with bikes.
Unless I'm riding with one of my kids, it's hard to turn it down...
because fast is fun!

Just having fun.

Sunday Mark G arranged a little snowmobile sortie. Snowmobile trails on bikes that is.
Felt so good to be riding my mountain bike, when there was a hill what was I supposed to do?
Of course to maximize the fun-factor that our motorized brethren so kindly made available, you (I) would have to hammer down the backside to utilize the berms to their full potential. At least as full as one could riding a bicycle on a snowy track built for snowmobiles (or are they called snow machines? or sleds?).

Too much fun.
(isn't that what it's all about?)

I don't have a picture, or a thousand words, but one of Mark's friends, Coach Al, had the coolest bike. It was a Pedalforce carbon frame that he had built up with XTR (if I recall correctly), a Lefty, gold Nokon housings, and the cherry on top was the gold Cervelo logos he had on it. Very cool looking rig. Meant to get that picture, planned on it, but my carriage was about to turn into a pumpkin, so I had to hightail it to the border.
Next time I swear.


the original big ring said...

I lift food up and put it in my mouth.

CB2 said...

I'm doing that right now!