Friday, January 28, 2011

Marketing Genius

When I should have been doing something productive like marketing my own business, I was wasting time on the MTBR. I got into a conversation on where and how to buy a Singular.

I reply, with what I hope is useful information, and then go back to trying to be productive.

I get into work after clearing snow yesterday and the answer machine light is all blinky and the likes.
Someone is calling looking for a sink, and he got my name from my website. What he's looking for, isn't exactly what I do, but I call him back and leave a message of what to look for and where to get it.
He, let's call him Dave, calls back and it turns out he was the guy looking for a Singular,
When Dave was on the MTBR, he clicked the link to my blog, you know this one, and came here.

He then went here:

and ordered one of these:

and it turns out then he went here to try and spread more love:

Genius I tell you, genius!

Now why don't the rest of you cheap fookers pony up the cash and remodel your bathrooms?