Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maybe I need a new plan

I don't think I'll be riding anytime soon. This has been the snowiest month for Connecticut in recorded history.
Close to 5'.
I hoping for a couple of days around freezing; maybe then the roads will be passable.
I've seen some brave souls commuting, but with how narrow the lanes are maybe they're more foolish than brave?
I guess I'll have to keep a stiff upper lip and make peace with the rollers.

Maybe I can find a ski sponsor?
Not much snow in England so getting Sam on board would be a hard sell.
But Marty sees his fair share of the white stuff, maybe he can convince Sam of the viability of a
ski line?
Could call them Cardinals, or Bobwhites.
Trying to stay optimistic, shoveling out a path to access bikes


dougyfresh said...

I share that same concern with riding to work.

Mookie said...

With pretty much zero shoulder it's not worth it. I'll probably be as fresh as ever come Spring, though. Trails should be dried out by 3rd wk of June at this rate.

Anonymous said...

Not much better here in the Mid Atlantic, although until this week we could ride on the shoulders. At this point, bike riding is what we do on rollers and trainers. Skiing is all we can do now.

The worst for me is trying to not buy new bike stuff when I am unable to ride. I always have crazy ideas when riding is off limits, like a 26 would be better, etc/

TJ said...

Way too risky riding the road right now, although Ive been considering it. Reports from the Cape are that the trails are mostly clear of snow. Considering a trip out if this nonsense continues...