Friday, January 7, 2011

It's All About ME!

The other morning I was JRA when I came across these:

and these:

At first I was all like "what's with Douchey McDouche making big trenches in the snow that freeze and interfere with ME taking the MY lines!"
Then I was all like, "Dude, chill out, it's just snow it'll thaw and everything will be good as new".

Then I came to a bare spot.

That was a fresh cut trail. A little fragile to begin with.

Must have been pretty soft when Mr. New Year's Resolution decided he was going to drag his fat hungover ass out on the trails no matter what.
Like a bug trapped in amber, we will be enjoying his handy work for quite some time.
Should be fun when those frozen ruts are covered with a few inches of powder.

If he waited until things were below freezing his tracks would have looked like this:
Fortunately Mr. First Tracks only rode the outer high traffic loop, so I only have to have a hissy fit for about 1/3 of my time in the Res.

The way I look at it there is a reason for road bikes (see above).
Don't have a road bike, ride your mtb on the road.
Think that is too boring? Maybe some indoor sports with your special friend.
Don't have a special friend? There's always Rosie Palm and her sisters.


Mookie said...

Great simile. What a douche.

TJ said...

Maybe the same hero who created similar tracks I saw in Wilcox today. Go ride the road if its soft in the woods.

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Gaurang Rao said...

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