Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Front and rear brake pads
Punctured front tire (first flat w/ an Ignitor in 3 years)
Crunchy pedal bearing
Busted Garmin 305

Rhode Island wins.


Mookie said...

So how many total 305's have you gone through? I'm praying mine holds together- 10k+, but 98.296niner% on the road.

Hill Junkie said...

Did the TT or riding the ledges @ Arcadia cause this carnage?

CB2 said...

Both, & neither.
Brake pads wear out. I change my rear in the lot after the TT, and then in Arcadia my front went all wonky.
The puncture was Arcadia, and the Garmin seemed to be working fine, but when I went to interface with my PC after the ride, it wouldn't connect or charge.
Maybe got knock around during one of my flights of fancy.