Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just Look Out The Window

After a solid work week of riding and the impending doom forecasted by the weathermen I decide to skip riding on Saturday. Overhauled my pedals, replaced my disposable pedals and cleaned off my work bench. Sorry no pictures it just wasn't that impressive.
Then I sat around in my PJ's watching reality TV and eating. Tried to get motivated to read a book, but then a bike race came on TV, and nothing goes better with coffee and cookies than bike racing.
Two days of watching other people do things that I may or may not be interested in doing on TV is more than I can handle so I fixed a fender to Blue Steel, and headed out to:
A: Ride some fireroads in the rain
B: If the fireroads were in good enough shape venture onto the singletrack
As I rode up the Western fence line I was singing praise for Connecticut's State soil. Good old Windsor Sandy Loam, you drain so well! But as I turned NE and the trail flattened, the puddling began.
Oh well, plan B.
Which is fine. There was a time when I would dread the thought of riding fireroads. How boring. But now, what a great way to get some climbing in.
No cars, no trail damage, and with the inclimate weather, hardly any other users.
Now onto effing DST!
You think I'd be happy that there is more daylight after work, but I was really getting into a groove with commuting, and now I'll have to bring out the big lights again.
Or I can burn some more dinosaurs for the next couple of weeks until there is morning light again and ride my mtb after work...

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