Monday, March 22, 2010


Connecticut, Central Connecticut in particular, has been sort of the protected rider if you will of N.E. States. We haven't had the snow of any of our surrounding states. Hell, our rain total pales in comparison to even the CT shoreline. An Island of fair weather.
What this leads to is early exceptional trail conditions. With the exception of a a few of the usual suspects trail conditions are as good as they get on my home turf.
On Sunday I had the opportunity to share them with James and Josh as they escaped the still thawing frost heave which is NW CT (amazing what a difference 1000' of elevation makes).
Now I have no photographic proof that anyone actually rode with me Sunday, so you'll just have to take my word for it.
Josh showed us what skill and a derailleur can do for you on a couple of technical walls. We all made the chute on "little Moab" at the res (riding up it), and all conquered the "Fixer" (new log skinny made by stitch), Josh launching impressively off the end of it. So far my batting average against the "Fixer" is 2&2. Again no proof that these things really happened, but there were a couple guys loitering at the "fixer", so maybe tales of our feats of strength will be confirmed...or not.
James goaded my ego into riding what I thought was an impossible drop by riding it without hesitation.
All I have to prove these things actually happened, or could have happened as described is this gps report, and this picture of the sandwich I ate afterward.
It was very good.


James said...

Too bad you couldn't go to Moe's with us. The 3 "Overachievers" I had were awesome! Next time we should plan on going straight to Moe's after every ride.

CB2 said...

With Lillian loose in the center we really needed an adult at homebase, but I like your thinking. I'm more of an Art Vandelay sort of guy.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream of great weather,great trails,and great company! Looking outside today I guess it was just that,a dream.

Thanks again Charlie,had a blast! I'm not going to mention how sick you two are riding,wouldn't want your racing rivals to find out. oops!

Yes the Art Vandelay was the perfect post ride snack.