Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Balancing Act

If you haven't enjoyed the weather this past week, you'd better check your pulse. The only problem is the temperature range. When it's 32*F in the AM, and 57*F in the PM it's kinda hard to figure out your riding gear.
A. Dress light in the morning, freezing on the way in to be comfortable on the way home?
B. Dress for the cold and sweat it out in the evening?
C. Utilize every piece of cycling apparel, leaving morning layers at work until you have no cool weather clothes left at home?
D. Backpack?
E. Panniers?
This morning I used a combo of A & C. I skipped booties, wore full fingered mtb gloves, leg warmers, cycling cap and a light wind breaker over a long-sleeve jersey. Ride in was fine except for my feet being frozen and the incessant flapping of the wind breaker. Ride home I left the wind breaker and the cap at the shop and was quite comfortable.
Fortunately I'm kind of a pack rat when it comes to cycling apparel. I'm digging deep into my box of gear and matching up all the almost dead booties to see how many days I can go leaving them at the shop before I have to brave the elements.
I have 3 cycling jackets of varying weight and a vest to hold me over until it's warm enough for arm and knee warmers; a little apparel juggling on the cycling tight rope.

Speaking of booties, maybe my booties muffled the creak and damped the play in my pedals, but they are Played! Probably 5mm of play. I guess Crank Brothers feel the MXR pedals are disposable, because the are not serviceable. Non-serviceable pedals; I don't know which is stupider the pedals or the person who bought them?

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