Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let me count the ways

It's snowing
it's raining
the ground is not frozen
too windy
I need to work on taxes
daughter needs help with home work
house drains are clogged
my drains are clogged
batteries aren't charged
wrong tires mounted
jury duty
no spare tube
the Olympics are on
too hungry
too stuffed
bike needs work

I could go on, but no matter how many or even how valid they might be, no excuse is going to change the fact that the first race of the year is in a mere 25 days.
Hours-wise 2010 started off great, and I'm still up on 2009, but that's been tapering. February was a bust, and March isn't off to as productive a start as I'd hoped.
Need to shift gears or I won't even be contesting the Queen of Burlingame


James said...

tell me about it!

Mark said...

MIKE-PAPA-HOTEL! Ride dammit!

Manicmtbr said...

You are putting gears on your bike?

CB2 said...