Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I didn't ride to work this morning. I planned to, but when it was leaving time, I felt a strange the ol' love bone. Not the whole wedding tackle, but more...well that already more than you probably wanted to know. Did I pull something riding home last night? It was a fairly brisk pace even with the headwind. Didn't notice anything last night, just woke up this way.
So I drove to work.
The second I got out of the truck I was regretting that decision. The mercury was rising quickly and the wind was much lighter than yesterday. When I got back from my morning deliveries the wind was actually favorable to what would have been my ride home.
But with the days getting longer, I had enough time to sneak in a ride after work. I could do a road ride or head over to the res. and take my chances that it's dry enough to ride.
I chose the latter.
I figured if it was soupy, I could always stick to the fireroads.
Good choice.
The East side was pretty dry. The usual suspects were still wet, but they only completely dry by August of drought years. Even so, I was surprised at how dry it was.
The West side was still a little soft, but other than the Kerry Trail, was in remarkably good shape. The Kerry Trail is sort of a trail making accident, but it is fun.
Ironically the fireroads were in the worst shape.
Now should I commute in tomorrow, or hit the trails early when they're frozen?

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Nathaniel said...

I could have sworn you were talking about a certain riding spot in MA. Even the trail name is the same. There is a distinctive East / West side, etc.