Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hammer Nutrition: Math 101

bottle-stand 2000
I decided to try something new for 2010. I going to race with 1 bottle on the bike and a bottle stand. Since I'm only going to have one bottle with me I wanted a palatable energy drink that would provide me with enough calories for a race.
I've heard a lot of good thing about Hammer Nutrition, Heed in particular, so I though I'd look into that.
In Hammer's essential Knowledge section they state:

In general, most athletes, under most conditions, will satisfy hydration needs with a fluid intake in the range of 20-25-ounces/hour - roughly the equivalent of a standard size small or large water bottle. Lighter athletes and/or athletes exercising in cool weather conditions may only require an intake of 16-18 ounces/hour.

They also say:

For most athletes, 240-300 calories/hour will do the job. For lighter athletes, 180-200 calories/hour may be perfectly adequate, while larger athletes (190+ lbs) can consider hourly intakes of 300 to slightly over 300 calories/hour.

So an athlete should drink about 1 water bottle with about 200 calories per hour is how I read that.

I order a 32 serving tub of Heed, read the side panel and a serving equals 1 scoop. Each scoop has 105 calories. They recommend
1-2 scoops per bottle.

I thought a serving should be a 200 calorie bottle per hour? For a 200 calorie bottles I need 2 scoops. 32 scoops per tub, 2 scoops per bottle, equals 16 servings.
That's like selling me a single cookie and saying the serving size is 1/2 cookie.
The stuff does taste good though.


James said...

Nice stand! Totally Pro!

Rigidnsingle said...

Robo stand. Just add a wig and a hula skirt for the complete pacage.