Monday, March 29, 2010

King of Burlingame

King of Burlingame came and went much as I expected; a bunch of old men (i.e. my age) from Corner Cycle came and destroyed all.
I was looking at KoB in a get the first race of the season out of the way kinda way. I don't usually race EFTA races, this was my first time at KoB, and I was looking more forward to the ride Rob had planned for afterwords.
On pre-riding I was surprised how wet and technical the course was. It wasn't really too difficult, but from reading descriptions of it I was expecting sandy fireroads, pavement, and an occasional rock garden to keep it interesting. My biggest concern prior to the race was if I had a big enough gear, but after pre-riding, I was considering going lower.
I guess I considered a little too much after pre-riding, because when I looked at my watch I was 4 minutes late for the start. No worries, the guy at registration said they usually start a little late. Oops, not today, they were right on time. I missed my start!
The German guy holding riders saddles at the start made some crack about not minding throwing away money, and how he hoped it wasn't important to me. I asked the starter if I at least was able to race, figuring I'd just take whatever time penalty I had accrued. He assured me of course and slipped me in (not Slip It In).
Woohoo! And I'm off. Yippie! I catch my 30 second guy! The euphoria was short lived as the guy who started 30 seconds down on me (Sam Morse I believe) catches me.
That's okay, it's a TT, just ride my own pace.
A couple miles more into it, at a marked corner, with course marshals, I make the turn and keep on turning until I run straight into the course tape along the pond. At this point Kevin Hines comes motoring past me; I think he started about a week after I did.
After one of the road crossings I catch another rider! Woohoo! Then Colin catches me (he started a week and a half after me).
The last muddy fireroad to the finish was putting the major hurt on me, sucking the life out of me.
33.43 was my final time. Good for 21th overall, but I'm not sure where that puts me amongst my contemporaries (you know, the old guys *edit* 10th). I never really felt fluid on the course.

I felt it only proper to bring that lack of fluidity to Arcadia. Didn't want to keep the suck only along the shoreline. I think I spent as much time in the air and on the ground as I actually did riding in Arcadia. I put to much energy into KoB, and didn't save enough for the fun stuff. My grand finale at Arcadia was doing a 180 and flatting on a descent! Awesome.
"Dinosaur" at Arcadia was without a doubt the most technical riding (walking) I have done.
The Res? Child's play. Hell's Kitchen in Nassahegan? "G" rated. Dragon's Spin @ Case? Bunny slope. Dinosaur is the real deal!
As Rob said with a chuckle, "Welcome to Rock Island!".
My left side will be remembering Arcadia for a few days to come.

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