Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happyhappy, Joyjoy

Rode the res after work this evening. Had to stick to the perimeter and power-lines because it's still a little wet. Someone "carved" the top of a downed tree making it a wicked cool skinny. Wearing knee-warmers, shorts, a polypro undershirt and a short sleeved jersey I was over dressed.
Ahh, it's going to be a good week!


stitch said...

It's called "TheFixer"
I'm its maker

CB2 said...

My compliments to the chef!

Todd H. said...

I'm hoping to get in a few gravel rides before chemo starts on Monday.
Sounds like the weather will cooperate!

Rigidnsingle said...

Embrace the wet and muddy, for it may soon be what you know without wanting to..

Ie: Hop Brook

CB2 said...

There is an old saying "Don't shit where you live".
I have no problem with the wet or mud, I just don't want to F'up my own trails.