Wednesday, April 11, 2012


After Hopbrook while I was whining about dropping my chain, Monte made an observation.
"You've got your EBB in the "No Zone".

"No Zone"

"If" it slips at all your chain's going to loosen, you want to run it in the upper half so if it slips it will get tighter, but  you're pretty mechanical so you know that".

Makes sense, but I never really thought about it and never had an issue until I put the Pretty Things on.

So No, I didn't know about the no (zone).

not "No Zone"

I originally set it up on "the bottom" to keep the center of gravity low.  I was also concerned about how high my saddle would need to be with my ebb out of the "No Zone".

Turns out running it up top only resulted in raising my saddle 5mm or so.

It's been 7 rides without a slip.  I think I've given it a sufficient torque induced slip test.  I've been riding a big (for me) gear at my regular riding spot, and even tested it's mettle against "The Evil Backyard Wall".

Fingers are crossed.


Mark Lurie said...

Are you getting slippage with your EBB or are you just being prepared?

If it's slipping, maybe you try the Carver EBB. I hear it's really good. Almost went to one before Soul Cycles redesigned theirs and with the new one it never slipped on me again.

CB2 said...

I started dropping chains when I put the WI cranks on the bike. It might just be coincidence or maybe they have a different effect on the ebb than external bearing cranks.

CB2 said...

Maybe because they aren't as stiff everything needs to be tighter.

Hill Junkie said...

The EBB would never stay tight in the upper position on my Dean Ti SS. I hated running it in the lower position, as I'd clip rocks far more frequently. There are some funky dynamics going on that make it slip. I think it makes a difference if your tight positions (top and bottom for a given ratio) are fore of BB center or aft of BB center.

dougyfresh said...

How did I miss that your EBB was at BDC? Must have been in a daze from that ride...

I always keep mine at TDC or near it. My reasoning is that it maximizes rock clearance.