Friday, April 6, 2012

Voices In My Head

At Hopbrook a guy in the 30-39 group was chastised for using earbuds by one of the USAC officials.  I'm fortunate enough not to need external stimulus for my soundtrack.

Most of my ride yesterday swung back and forth between


some how this ended up in the mix

The sound track abruptly changed when I was impaled on a fallen hemlock, but I'm drawing a blank and need to get to work.

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Madpixl said...

Lol that was me! She kept telling me only one ear bud and i held up one to show her i only had on in ear... But she kept saying only 1 louder and louder as if i couldnt hear... Funny but awkward cause i was in compliance but not sure why she kept yelling! Needless to say it didnt help... I came in just about the middle. If i had both buds in i wouldve done better... Anyway nice blog.