Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Thoughts

I felt way too good today, and I slept way too well last night...hmm
I felt so good today I put on a pair of goofy socks

and went for a ride.
Yesterday was the first day since St. Patrick's day that phlegm wasn't part of my life.
That was nice.
Today was even nicerer.
As I casually spun around my local haunt I began thinking about the next race on the agenda.
Should I race my age group again or SS?
Winding Trails really doesn't suit me and the best I've managed there as a Cat1 was 4th (that day was one of my favorite race experiences).
What if I raced the Pro/Open?
Since the chances of a podium are slim, why not get an extra lap in for my money?
I very well could finish last but maybe the experience would be worth it?
Maybe I should do that at all the races where the Pros race an extra lap?
See what Doug has done?  He's got me all thinking about "the experience".