Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Spring Classics (or totally ripping of Rich Dillen)

Rich Dillen had a great blog Friday equating his season's races to the UCI road season.
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery or some other bull crap so I'm blatantly stealing his idea

The steal is real.

Due to a laundry list or reasons, primarily finances and obligations, I find myself as more of a one day "Classics" than a "Grand Tour" rider.
Our early season kick off, the Het Volk of New England dirt is King Of Burlingame.  Everyone is testing their form, scoping out how everyone else is coming out of Winter.

The "Official" season kickoff is Hop Brook Dam, sort of our Tour of Flanders.  It's mostly a power course, and it's elevation profile isn't exactly menacing, but the climbs define the race.  Oddly enough they happened on the same day this year.

The next stop on the calender is The Fat Tire Classic.  It should be called the Fast Tire Classic as it only has about 300' of climbing per 5 mile lap. It's also only 7 miles from my house so I can ride to it. Maybe our La Primavera.   For singlespeeders this could be considered the E3 or Ghent Wevelgem as it is great preparation for the Paris / Roubaix of the Northeast; Singlespeed-A-Palooza.

SSAP is an all out balls to the wall hammerfest.  Sure there are hot dogs and beer and maybe some of  the sport guys are there just for the party, but for the 75 or so in the Pro/Open class it's game on.  It's exciting to race an all singlespeed field of that size.  They know all you SS "tricks".

But afterwards George and Mike really do know how to throw a party.

I do better in the races later on the calender in the Northern hills, but they happen in Grand Tour season so I'm not sure how I can connect the dots with those ones.

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