Thursday, April 19, 2012


Ted the Mechanic had diligently undone the wrongs that had been wrung to the electrical system of Mrs. CB2's car.
(sort of)
Now he wanted it off his lawn.

I began to ponder what would be the best route to Ted's in Crazytown evening traffic.

I could go this way:

or this way:

Google maps even suggested I go this way:

But then it dawned on me; the bike path that runs right behind my shop continues right past Ted (my names not Earl)'s house!

How convenient is that!

I'm not sure which is safer though; riding with cars or rollerbladers wearing earbuds.


eastwood said...

Got to love the oblivious wide strides of rollerbladers as they rock out to Madonna... or some other such music...

Hill Junkie said...

And little four year old girls on bikes that buzz around like bees, completely unpredictable. No matter how slow you go past, mom will still give you stink eye.

ThirdGear said...

Retractable dog leashes... Enemy #1