Saturday, April 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home

An easy spin was what was on the agenda for the day.  Just go out and spin for a couple of hours to keep the legs feeling fresh for the race tomorrow.

Eat my breakfast, drank my coffee and headed over to the Res.

As I'm riding on a trail, an interior ridge parallel to the Metacomet that I've only once seen anyone else on (if they were not with me), I looked around at the natural beauty of the oasis so close to home and actually said out loud "I love this place".

I've been riding here for 19 years, sometime 4 or 5 times a week and never get sick of it.

At work, I get excited about production efficiency; how can I best schedule production to meet demand with the minimal amount of redundancy?
Riding the Res has a similar vibe for me.  How can I connect and knit together the trails to get the ride I want out of it with a minimal of re-riding trails?

Shortly after my epiphany, I ran into Dave C who actually expressed a somewhat opposite and lackluster opinion to our common ground.  "You're in and out in an hour, hour fifteen"  he exclaimed "and it's just this" he motioned to the wide, over used trail we met on that used to be the main route, but now is simply a connector for me.

I guess it can be "just this", a safe easy navigable trail that you can buzz through quickly after work.  But the two decades exploring I've done here have netted me so much more.

If you're nice I'll share.

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