Monday, April 16, 2012

Car Suck

At least that's how I was feeling when I finally was able to take a shower yesterday.
Showers rule.

Friday we dog sat in Middlefield;                                                      26 miles driving
Saturday drove to Farmington to pre-ride WT;                                  27 miles driving
Home to cut the grass                                                                         7 miles driving
(with a quick stop at the res)
Sunday, drove to Middlebury, but that was a good thing                    32 miles driving
(no one told SBC a Superfly was not an all MT bike)
Back to Middlefield                                                                          27 miles driving
To Cheshire to drop off Mrs. CB2's car                                            13 miles driving
(so we no longer would need to start it with a paper clip)
Back to Middlefield to pick up B-I-L                                                13 miles driving
Bring B-I-L to train in NH                                                                 22 miles driving
Back to Middlefield                                                                           22 miles driving
Home to shower                                                                                26 miles driving

So 215 miles of running back and forth
(about $50 of gas)
Yeah, I'll easily drive that in just a day on deliveries, but this was my time off
Back and forth as a bacterial carnival was setting up for opening night in my shorts.

Muy malo.

So today it could have been hailing outside and I would have rode in.
(I say this on a morning that was 60°F, clear and sunny with the prospect of a sweet tail wind for the ride home) 

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