Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pretty Things

USAC has a boner for training with power.
I believe a powermeter is a useful tool for training, not the be all end all, but a very useful tool.
I wouldn't mind having one.

Instead I have a pretty fork
(for the moment)
 jewel like cranks.

Not only that, the cranks are fastened to the bike with archaic twentieth century technology.  Probably nineteenth, but we'll give it the benefit of the doubt being all cold war mystery metal.

They even fail the weight weenies manifesto of a dollar a gram coming in at about $20 to the gram saved.
They won't make me faster, and any improvement in ride or handling is minute.
Maybe even pure placebo effect.

But damn are they pretty!


Rigidnsingle said...

Just a little trick with those cranks...Use red loctite on the spindles. NOT the threads!!! Just the spindles...

I've had some issues with them coming loose, loctite cured it...

Cervelo Girl said...

Very pretty!

fabian said...

I'll buy a set some day. Keep them polished they look great!

Mark Lurie said...

Hawt! What do they weigh? Might have to get me some on my current build.

CB2 said...

With ti bb 720 grams.
As a frame of reference XT Hollowtech IIs with a single ring and bb are 730 grams.

the original big ring said...

Setting up mine (once purchased) with the same! Incoming e-mail.