Monday, February 20, 2012

Bad Blogger

I really should have taken pictures this weekend.
I could have shown you the trails of young men of privilege, who I doubt know how privileged they are having such nice trails at their disposal.

I could have shown you new place I rode and people I met on Sunday.

But alas, I'm a bad blogger.

I will share with you the oatmeal raisin cookies I made yesterday, but not the Belgian waffles I made Friday, because again, I'm a very bad blogger.

Sunday night:

Monday morning:


Rigidnsingle said...

If you brought those cookies to the ride I could have polished them off by the finish...

CB2 said...

The cookies are how I made up for being out for 6 hours

the original big ring said...

Pffffft, light weight.

I can't believe that there were some left in the morning.

You disappoint me.

dougyfresh said...

mmmm. cookies.