Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Sunday!

Yeah, whatever.

My Sunday was better.
I put a new toilet in the "Men's Room".
the "Ferguson"

it's replacement "The Cadet"

The significance of this is cyclist no longer need bare witness to the toy and clothing ground zero explosion  that is my home (they just need to navigate the dungeon labyrinth that is my basement /workshop).

Registered for Singlespeed-A-Palooza.  I did this race the first two years, but last year it sold out in a couple of weeks (before I could sign up).  This year it sold out in 24 hours.  73 are registered for the Pro / Open class.

What better way to reward accomplishing things than a bike ride.

But what truly made Sunday super was someone picked up the dog poop!

1 comment:

eastwood said...

Turd Ferguson... it's a funny name.

wv: imitur

Yup, hit that one right on the head!