Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 on 29

Wheel size.
Who cares?
Some people defend their choice of wheel size with a zeal that should be reserved for much more important issues.

Like chocolate.

But over on the MTBRs they came up with a silly little bandwagon to jump on:
Ride your 29er on the 29th.

Cute, huh?

Being a big fan of frivolous sociality (Blogger says that isn't a word), I decided to jump in with both feet.

I wanted to get in a ride before work, but because of the snow event, I had to pick up LB @ 11:15 AM.
Why even go?

So I didn't get to ride my 29er before work.
I got to ride it at lunch!

I tried to get an action shot

that didn't work out too good

So then I thought I'd just get a static shot of Bl├╝.2

such a pretty bikes

speaking of pretty, powerlines look awfully nice with a little frosting

I guess the early dismissal was called for

Ride details with all sorts of fancy metrics, graphs and charts can be found here:


moving companies said...
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fabian said...

I gave my 29er the day off and rode my 26 inch wheels. We didn't get any white stuff, yet.

the original big ring said...

Is that snot on your face?

If so, you should have done a close up. Green elevens.

CB2 said...

Probably. Does that make me badass?

Bill said...

bring the stache back