Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I was quite surprised when I got up on the ridge and found 2-3" off crusty snow and half frozen muddy ruts.
Case was almost ideal yesterday.
But the less than perfect conditions created an effective test for my sit-down power.
Did I pass?
I'll never tell.

When I crossed over to the East side there was significantly less snow...and a weird silence.  It was kind of like that silence you...hear(?) when you night ride.
No suburban sounds.
Zero, zip, nada, non...

nail guns
not even any wind.

It was cool.

Made me appreciate singlespeed even more.

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Cervelo Girl said...

I actually never have ridden at night. Weird, huh? Night running, however...now that's a different story. It is my favorite time to run, when it is in the dead of the night..no one is around, and everything is silent. All you can hear is the sound of your breath and your feet hitting the ground. Is it bad that occasionally I do it buzzed, because it makes it just a wee bit more fun?... lol