Friday, March 9, 2012

My thought was since this would be the last day in a FREAKING MONTH that I'd be able to commute with only blinkie lights that I might as well ride the Sunday Princess

I was really enjoying the gears.
Got me thinking maybe I should race with gears this year.

Maybe, maybe not.

Bikes are fun.


Jez Andrews said...

YOU HAVE A BIKE WITH GEARS!!!! are you going soft? haha, I'm converting over to the singlespeed world for a bit to give it a try before buying a pure singlespeed frame. Must be an age thing. I finally feel the calling!

CB2 said...

Funny. I just finished writing a note to someone telling them I would be riding gears on Sunday.

fabian said...

Gears are good, especially if the hips hurt.

Anonymous said...

There is room in life for both. As a lover of all things SS, over the past few years I have raced and ridden with gears much more than the SS. The real trick to staying on the geared bike is to put aside the SS, because one ride back and you will be hooked (one the ss).