Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not My Day

Okay, let's play a game;
Who can remember the last time I punctured?

Yes, you in the back...

That is correct, the Rapture was the last time I flatted (on my mtb)

Okay, now who remembers the last time I dropped my chain?

Shut up Neal!

Let's rephrase that:  When was the last time I dropped my chain before switching to White Industries Eno Cranks.


Stumped ya!

It was Hodges Village Dam 2009.  I tried to rely on a DT RWS skewer w/o a tensioner and dropped my chain 3 times in that race.

So what's up with the quiz?

I dropped my chain and punctured a brand new tire in less than 5 miles today...and 2.5 of those miles were on the road.

Since I just put the tire on today there was copious amounts of sealant, but when you tare a knob, well, your

I had put on my new racer boy treads and was trying to dial in the pressure.  But I've become spoiled by the plumpness of my Monster Truck Meats.
Racer Boys sure roll nice though.  Might have to split the difference and go Monster / Racer.

Now with the chain.  All of a sudden I've had a rash of chain drops.
Was my EBB slipping?
Bolts not torqued?
Chain too loose?


It dawn on my the chain drops started when I put the pretty cranks and Ti bb on the bike.
Maybe the spiderless design is more flexy?
I ran Raceface Turbines with a Ti bb without issue.
Well there was one issue.

First race is in less than 2 weeks; I needs to get this sheet sorted STAT!

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dougyfresh said...

I've been running 18-20psi in those racer boy tires (out back) since July.

Only issue was a nail going through the tread and out the bead.

You'll get it dialed in.