Monday, May 23, 2011


Today was the "Rapture".
In case that meant doom, I figured I better ride my bike.
Yeah, I should be with my family, but they all were sleeping.
I thought in honor of the Giro, I would ride a Giro de Granville, but when Neal in is usual enthusiasm suggested a TdT, what could I do?
I'm a sucker for a good TdT.
Plus if this was really the end, I'd rather be in the woods.
At least that's what I thought before the first flat (Kerry).
I guess the Rapture coincides with the Mosquito hatching, or is that just a sign?
Then I got a flat...
Mental note: Just put a tube in it, if the Stan's didn't work, it's not going to
...promptly put my tire lever through my tube (BBI graduate indeed). 
Then Kerry got another...
and another...

This must be a sign.

But them we went to Moe's and everything was alright.

Rapture averted.
Just to make sure, I got a little post-rapture ride in:

On a post apocalyptic side note, I took a trail off the ridge I rarely ride. It's a steep chute along the powerlines that since they built the "new way down" has seen limited traffic (was double track that is now overgrown to single track).  In the worst possible spot were a couple of women hiking, well actually standing as they were not moving.  They stopped me and asked directions.  Although only 1.5 miles from the trail head, they were heading the wrong direction.  They had those far away eyes as I gave them directions back to their car, but at least they didn't hike all the way to 44 (I hope!).


TJ said...

Another TdT in the bag, this really is becoming a regular occurrence. What are you going to do for it to become special again...maybe extend it out to Newgate?

CB2 said...

Oh, I've got plans...

dougyfresh said...

I should be doing rides like that but have been too busy with everything else.

Did get a ride in from manchester to willimantic with a 36-17 on the rail trails.

CB2 said...

We missed you out there Doug