Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things were going well.
I Rambo'd through my set-up work, did a little billing, got a little marketing out in the mail.  Plenty of time to get in a little ride before the Q's baseball game, and or the impending thunderstorms.
Things were still slimy from yesterday's rain, and I had racerboy tires on my bike.  A lot of fun and good practice for Matt's race.
Things were flowing.
As I'm making my way down off the ridge the clouds part and the humidity began to disperse.
Where's the doom and gloom they predicted?
Why am I surprised the weatherman is wrong?
That's okay, at least the weather will be perfect for Quinny's game...
except the game is canceled due to the weather  (as much as I wanted to see the Q play, I wasn't psyched about crossing the river at rush hour).
No baseball?  No extendy treats on the bike ride?
Nice call Haney.

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Alby King said...

It could be age & fading memory but it seemed like weather reports were a little better a decade ago. Maybe they have too much data now.. Maybe there is something to climate change and the "more extreme" swings..