Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love riding on days like today.
The rain has scared other trail users away.
The woods mine alone, and by now the trails (my trails) are all but impervious to knobbies.
The colors are so rich and deep; hard to believe the trees were bare less than a month ago.

For giggles, I slapped the RaceKing I won at Orchard Assault, magically transformed into a grown up sized tire  (Thanks Neal!) on the front of an old friend.  Not the best choice for the conditions, but I do love that tire.  Supercalafragalistically fast, with a huge vertical volume.  Perfect tire to race rigid*.  It feels like it's accelerating just rolling.  Not the best on slimy rocks, but fun in between them.  You just need to ride it like you'd drive a Ford on the straights, idle around the corners.
I hope the conditions are conducive to using it at Matt's race.

*unless trails are slimy and today

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