Monday, May 9, 2011

It's becoming ordinary

The Tour de Talcott, aka TdT.
Once was a special epic ride.  Now it's routine.
Don't get me wrong, I loves me some TdT, it's just not the special occasion it once was.
But if you want to do a 30+ mile mountain bike ride on some of Connecticut's best singletrack, it's hard to beat.
There are more pristine and or technical trails, but the TdT really give you the flavor (flayva) of what mountain biking in CT is all about.  Some sections are beat down, there is a little pavement involved, but there are also two water fountains so you don't need to wear a hydration pack if that's not your bag (water's turned on now btw).   You'll probably see some other trail users too, but for the most part they are friendly and used to mountain bikers.
Sections of the route are some of my favorite singletrack.
I like my routine.

Neal balancing at the overlook

How can yo not love a ride with chimneys

Fun feature
Overlook on clear day


Hill Junkie said...

Several of my big local rides have become ordinary now too. Have to travel to far away places once in a while to experience extra-ordinary rides.

So Strava finally added an embed function? Maybe I'll sign up now. I commented to the Strava team about a year ago that they'll need to add an embed function.

CB2 said...

Other than the social network Strava offers, it really doesn't have any advantage over Garminconnect IMO.

Well you do get to pay $59 a year for it, so it's got that.

TJ said...

You've been riding this loop much longer than I have so I'm glad to see its taken that long for it to become "ordinary". I cant picture getting tired of it either. I still dont know where the Penwood fountain is though!!!

Mookie said...

Yeah, exactly where are these fountains? TJ, Tyson, and I were the walking dead after our water ran out with nearly an hour of riding left to go.

CB2 said...

As you come out on to the blacktop at res 6 there is a green sign on the left that says "fountain", that one is right there.
If you descend the blacktop in Penwood to the pavilion, there is a fountain on the outside of the restrooms.