Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kudos & Musings: Winsted Woods & the State Championships

First off thanks to Biker's Edge, Robert Carmen,  and Jill and Chris Logan for their tireless efforts in  throwing a great event (and series).  The weather was a wildcard that they really had to think on their feet for.

Now the nitty gritty...

What I liked about Winsted Woods:
  • The course.  It has the most elevation gain of any race in CT, and is arguably the most technical.
  • The spirit.  Biker's Edge had "spirit squads" throughout the woods offering cheers and friendly jeers to the racers.  Nice touch.
  • Organization.  It was raining.  Things moving smoothly reduces the PITA factor of the weather.
Nits I would pick*:
(*These nits are served with a big glass of STFU.  Since I'm not taking my free time to organize a race and State championship for some idiot with a blog to complain about, I have no right to say boo)
  • The course.  I like the Winsted Woods of old.  The big rocky climb was a demoralizing soul crusher that I personally enjoyed.  Breaking up the climbing, while more interesting, made it too easy.  Even when it was dry it was evident that the two fresh cut climbs would be sketchy once they saw some traffic, which might be more a SS specific nit because I was worried about getting caught behind a geared rider spinning up them in their granny and have to run.   As we saw once they were wet even the Pros were running.  Before it was cut down for safety I thought the laps were too short. 
  • Reducing the number of laps.  I think it would have still been a reasonable amount of time at the original lap count.
Well that's it for pointlessly whining about other people's hard work and decisions at WW.

As far as the State Championships go, I think the races  chosen were good.  Winding Trails is a less technical power course with minimal elevation contrasting with the more hilly technical nature of Winsted Woods; I think they balance one another out well.  If I were giving up my time so some snarky jerk could win a medal, I'd see about making it more than just a 2 race mini series.  Maybe even expand it to all the CT races so it would be even more well rounded.  Possibly have one throw away; I know mechanicals, and having to miss one of the races for personal reasons possibly had an effect on the final outcome (but as they say, "That's racing").

Just my thoughts, but again
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who worked so hard bringing us these events!!!

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