Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have issues.
This week I have repeatedly and periodically checked the UMass Bike Racing website to get the official results.
I know the outcome, but that's not good enough.
I need to pour over the results and run mathematical equations.
I not only need to know how I finished in my own race, but how I finished overall, and within my age group.  What were my lap times, and how did that compare across the board.
(should I be using a question mark or is that a statement?)
But I get to add a twist to my math this time; the "what if" factor.
Burping my tire cost me a little over 2 minutes (I need to work on that), so I get to run the numbers from a second angle.
Fun, fun, fun.

How can someone be so obsessive have a workbench that looks like this:

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Alby King said...

I don't have this OCD problem. It took like 3 hours to catch up with your blog among others.

Workbench at home = same. If not worse. I'd really like a barn - but don't know whether it help or amplify the situation.