Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I've been reading a little about the whole idea of quality time on the bike versus quantity.
Always seemed to make sense.
My only problem is getting the quality rest needed to go along with it.
I ride a bike because it is fun, and the idea of thinking too much about it or adding too much (any) structure to it, or not riding on a beautiful day because it's a "rest day" just doesn't sit well with me.
In preparation for Winsted Woods, I came up with this route to squeeze as much climbing as I could out of the res without getting totally redundant.
I rode it last Thursday and was pretty spent by the time I reached the final climb. 
I did it again today.
I t was my sixth day riding in a row.
Time to rest hard.


Big Bikes said...

There's a reason why this blog is called " Charlie rides a bike," not " Charlie rests on a couch." That blog would suck.

CB2 said...

Are you kidding? Charlie surfs a couch would be awesome!

Mookie said...

Riding and Racing are two different animals. Sadly the latter requires structure to be successful.

8hrs/night minimum.